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EASYFO Channel Manager & Booking Engine

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5 % on Bookings received from Channel Manager.
5 % on Bookings received from Booking Engine.
Valid till 30 June 2022

EASYFO Channel Manager
- Single-point dashboard for managing distribution channels<
- Yield Management
- Maintain rate parity without any effort
- Rate spider - Monitor your competitor's rates
- Real Time Updates -To Minimise overbooking
- Mobile Channel Manager App - Allows you to perform Instant bulk updates in just a click.
- Fastest inventory distribution Updating your inventories and rates becomes a matter of seconds.

EASYFO Booking Engine
- Increase direct bookings
- Enrich guest engagement<
- Available 24*7 for reservations
- Improves brand value
- Upsell extra services
- Statistics, reports, and logs
- Payment Gateway Options
- Create Packages & Promotions
- Interface with PMS System

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