AP (Account Payable), is one of a main feature in our software, EASYFO, Back Office that interface and working smoothly with Inventory and General Ledger System. A mainly design of this program is to support all different level of user to handling all kind of payment and Tax system. Our program is also very friendly for the user to design many style of Payment Voucher or Cheque Format. A multi propose menu to make your payment much easier, but accuracy.


Handling of advance payment Posting invoice with included Vat, excluded Vat and non Vat items View all invoice or without zero balance items
Interactive personal creditor data items Transfer invoice items when post
or import to wrong account
Split invoice to multiple payment period
Audit history transactions Select and depending vat
purchase before print vat purchase
Details and Summary payable items by account type
Pay one cheque to multiple invoices User definable Payment Voucher and Cheque format Printable var purchase report / withholding tax 3, 53
Cancel disclaim vat purchase items Support Thai and English on screen and printing Outstanding cheques on-hand report
View printable cheques or receivable cheques items Printable Bank cheques in Thai and English Received options for clearing cheques on hand
Update bank account by bank reconciliation Importable data from Inventory Program Exportable data to General Ledger Program

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