Fix Asset System is a program design to support Back Office feature particularly to allow the management to plan the budget and investment.


Depreciation, automatically calculates depreciation Data Conversion from Text and excel. Supports the Job Creation.
Maximum asset value for an individual asset is 9,999,999. Increased Expensing for Small Business. Renumber Account Groups option.
Custom depreciation methods allow a decimal point in the percent of basis to be taken as depreciation. Account numbers defined in account groups. Custom depreciation methods
Export data can be export to Excel, Text, Acrobat and Database. Can Override the depreciation calculation of an asset for the current year. Easy to modification Report.
Assets can be tracked by asset number, description, type, tag number, location, PO, invoice number, or lease. Specifies the original PO number and vendor Captures asset data such as A/P reference, date of purchase, and cost
Records the tax cost at the time of the acquisition by using a percentage of the asset cost Expense account for G/L depreciation  

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