EASYFO Software is design to not only fully interface within our house program but may apply to working smoothly with Telephone PABX and Billing Key Lock or Key Card, Web Booking Engine, Electricity or Power Control, etc. With flexibility and open range of software to allow us to supporting many feature of different software system.


Pabx Interface Key Card Interface Electricity Control Interface
Interface calls charge with any kind of PABX (if any serial port output). Check in and issue Room Key Card from Front Office Turn On/Off the Electricity in Guest Room when Check In
Telephone line can be set call charge up to 3 level (Guest, Other , House use). Check out Guest in Key Card System from Front Office Turn On awhile for Maid cleaning step
Set Minimum minute(s) charge per call. Copy Card/Move Room Adel Key Card from Front Office Automatic Turn Off when pass expected check out time (PMS)
Automatic Calculation Price, Cost, Surcharge, Tax. Verify Key Card information from Front Office Inquiry function  
Automatic warning while the Front Office System is down.    
Interface Call Charge to Front Office System.    
Print Guest call slip.    
Automatic line on/off when Check In/Out from Front Office System (option).    
Set Wake up Call from Front Office System Function (option).    
Set Message Lamb On/Off from Message function in Front office (option).    
Post Mini bar charge from Guest Room’s Telephone.    

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