Inventory System is one of a major program running support within EASYFO Back Office System. The software details are also including Purchasing and Cost Control module. This program is also design to interface with POS (Point of Sale) directly, in order to monitoring food cost for restaurant. The flexibility of the program is also a highlight feature to support staff and management to issue and approve a PR (Purchasing Request), PO (Purchasing Order) within the system, smart feature of Storage and Stock Control to allow user to save more time of operation.


Multi Users Multiple for a company Purchasing Request
Purchasing Order and keep by history Inventory Labels with barcodes support Receiving inventory
Support for purchase order approval process Stock card by real time Check Stock on hand by real time
Estimate, Quote User defined Report Setup Export reports in Excel files.
Export reports in PDF files Cost management Inventory Control
Recipes Control Automatic link from POS System Automatic link to Account Payable
Automatic link to General Ledger Receive and Issue system Stock and Store system
Keep vendor profiles to compare products Market List System Keep purchasing order by history
Receiving without purchasing order Separate purchasing order by department Receiving by separate store
Search Purchaseing order by history Search purchasing order by real time Support Thai and English user interface
Support Thai and English Report Easy in Simple to use  

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